Danny Abrmov,
Director of Research & Analysis

Danny Abramov is a 2014 graduate from Baruch College in New York, with a BBA degree in Finance. Danny started his experience in the real estate market, working in a New York mortgage firm as a financial underwriter, gaining experience in both refinancing and sales.

Besides real estate, Danny has strong passion for the stock market and investments, and has started working with Financial Ventures Group as a research analyst. Danny’s passion comes from the fact that investing results unfold in the future, which makes the procedure of financial analysis a creative and intuitive process from a analytical stand point.

Danny places emphasis on emerging technologies, biotech/pharmaceuticals, and keeps an eye on the latest trends that have a potential to breakout once their products or ideas hit the market. Danny believes the mind is like a muscle, the more you work it out the stronger it becomes.

Jared Patrick,
Digital Editor

Born and raised in New York, New York. Jared attended Hunter College with a concentration in Psychology and major in Computer Science. Jared has always been interested in web development and the effects of viral digital content that can wow someone.

Aside from his passion in the finance and investment industry, Jared also surrounds himself with a plethora of other interests which include athletic activities such as handball and running as well as going to the movies with friends. Jared is also a proud member of a fraternity that helps the less fortunate with charitable philanthropic events.

Marco Zhou,
Research Analyst

Marco Zhou graduated with honors from Shenzhen University, a top tier University in China, and holds a Master Degree in Global Finance from Fordham University in New York City. His knowledge of international business, primarily in Asia, adds great value to FinancialBuzz international reach.

Marco is one of the co-founders of Toastmaster International Fordham, a club that helps people develop their public speaking skills and leadership skills. He is also experienced in marketing, specifically social media marketing, online marketing, advertising, marketing strategies, and digital marketing. He has many other qualifications including: social and digital media, web analytics, new business development, management, and search engine optimization.

Marco is proficient as a native speaker of Chinese and fluent in English. When he is not working, he enjoys many interests, which include: gadgets, digital photography, traveling, basketball and hanging out with his fellow MS graduates.

Nina Li,
Research Analyst

Nina Li is a 2016 graduate from Fordham University in New York, with a master’s degree in Global Finance, and completed her bachelor’s degree in China at Beijing Language and Culture University. She has experience working for an investment company in China, gaining the first impression of financial markets.

Nina started her career in the US in a financial consulting company, responsible for helping small businesses underwrite loans, and restore credit records, gaining experience in sales and insights of financial markets in the US.

Nina is a native speaker of Mandarin and fluent in English. Having the experience in financial services companies in both China and the US, and with solid knowledge and experience in fundamental analysis, she will focus on research for FinancialBuzz. During her spare time, she likes photography, traveling, swimming and reading.

Dennis Huang,
Equities Editor

A true New Yorker, Dennis Huang completed his studies at University of Buffalo with a degree in Economics. Dennis has been interested in the financial markets at even a younger age when he attended High School of Economics and Finance. His desire to continue his learning process has brought him to FinancialBuzz.

Besides being passionate about the options market, Dennis also surrounds himself with a plethora of other interests which include athletic activities such as fitness training, heavy weights and running as well as going playing first person shooting games. Dennis is also a proud member of Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity that helps the less fortunate with charitable philanthropic events and leadership skills.

Dennis is responsible for research and analysis of equities for FinancialBuzz and editorial work for our corporate clients.

Derrick Leon,
Digital Development Manager

Derrick graduated from the University of Buffalo with a BA in Communications. His interest in innovation put him in charge of the creative production and online marketing for Wicked Fashions, Inc. He was responsible for the national ad campaigns for their top brands, Southpole and Lot29, he spearheaded all pre-production for photo shoots.

He also focused on the business analysis from concept, staffing as well as being instrumental in the launching of a mass market label and several mezzanine tiered labels. He was tasked with creating an online presence and identity for each brand. Derrick also assisted in obtaining sponsorship opportunities with partners like the New York Mets and bidding for the naming rights to IZOD Centre (former home of The Nets)

Transitioning from a fashion based business perspective to more of a financial world, Mr. Leon realized how every aspect of life and pieces of news somehow affects the world. He found investing a brand new challenge and an intriguing process that hopes to spur continued innovation.

Perry Boon,
Business Analyst

Perry Boon has managed multiple retail locations in the New York City area. With this experience he was able to develop impeccable customer service skills and sharpened his small business focus, which gave him the ability to teach and supervise new employees.

Following his term as manager, Mr. Boon later accepted a position as the Marketing and Communications Specialist at a growing online food ordering company founded in Brooklyn. Here he was able to further develop his marketing and advertisement expertise where he implemented promotional techniques with SEO and social media skills. He was entrusted with creating and researching business analytics through communication with merchants and customers.

Perry attended Brooklyn College, where he earned his BA in Marketing. Perry is also a sport enthusiast and a proud member of Nu Alpha Phi, where he is an active member in working with philanthropic associations in the New York City area.

Katie Kyros,
Media Analyst

Knowing her dream of working in the news media sector, Katie started her media career while attending the University of Michigan. Katie first got her start in journalism as the editor of her high school newspaper in Montgomery County and then later as an intern for WTTG-Fox 5. She also spent two years reporting and anchoring at WHAG-TV in Hagerstown, Maryland where she began covering central Pennsylvania, as well as Maryland and West Virginia.

Ms. Kyros graduated from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a BA in English and Political Science. She continued her advanced studies at the University of Southern California with a Masters of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. During her spare time, Katie has a younger sister with autism and she’s one of the lights in her life. She is a supporter of Autism Speaks, special needs issues are very close to Katie’s heart and she is always happy to talk about it.