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Financial Buzz Media has a number of opportunities in the digital advertising space for companies that want media exposure to a financial-minded audience. Through our flagship website, our digital advertising space includes the standard media buys in the online publishing space. reaches over 15,000 and upwards to 60,000+ unique visitors on average per day, reading between 30,000 to 100,000 page views daily. creates 100% daily original content on the latest trending financial news topics.

Our current media buy structure is focused on Cost Per Mile (CPM). We have a number of different packages for prospective advertisers including: the takeover package (includes leader board, tile and skyscraper).

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Reach Over 200,000+ Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram membership on a daily basis. Keep your company’s news in the eyes and forefront of one of the largest financial news syndicated social media community networks online.

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